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The Move to Mixer

Over the past few months, as you may know, I have been dealing with a new job. This new job has taken alot of my time as it involves shift work, meaning I cannot dedicate enough time to Twitch as I have done in the past. After a few weeks of thinking over pros and […]

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Notice of MIA (Missing in Action)

So goats the time has come. I have now left my previous job and will be starting my new adventure in an amazing new role tomorrow! This does unfortunately mean that I shall be lurking around alot over the next 4 weeks whilst I am in training (not actually going to be home except for […]

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Impending Stream Schedule Changes

So as some of you may already be aware. I have now accepted a new job which will entail working shift work. This therefore involves me working random times throughout the day and not just set times. For this reason the stream schedule will be having an overhaul. For a taser, as of 27th May […]

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