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About Capra

Capra started streaming in the very early days, before Twitch was well… Twitch. He started when Justin.TV was all the rage and his calling? Rift, the MMO that was dubbed the WoW killer. Well WoW is still around and so is Rift, kind of. Fast forward a few years and Twitch.TV was born. Capra took the plunge with the birth of a new streaming service, but soon after had to stop streaming due to personal circumstances. Over the next few years streams were on and off and few and far between.

It was not until 2015 when Capra really bit the bullet and started taking streaming seriously and from that point CapraGenus was born. After 5 years the brand has grown and developed into a brand which conveys free speech, comedic values and all around entertainment.


Latest Posts

JustifiedJack Appreciation

As many of you are aware, the relationship me and JustifiedJack have is very strong (giggidy). This new year marks 2 years of our crazy, whacky and outright stupid moments together and to celebrate this in style I made a celebration video of the past 2 years of us and him in general. The video […]

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The Return

So after a few months of being missing in action (but still around) I have decided that my present to you for Christmas (belated I know…) and the New Year is… Me! Obviously. It is with great pleasure that I announce I will formally be returning to streaming once more. This will not be back […]

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Notice of MIA (Missing in Action)

So goats the time has come. I have now left my previous job and will be starting my new adventure in an amazing new role tomorrow! This does unfortunately mean that I shall be lurking around alot over the next 4 weeks whilst I am in training (not actually going to be home except for […]

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