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Stream Changes

Greetings from the goat god’s!

So as some of the regular viewers may be aware. There have been alot of changes recently to the stream.

These changes have been made with you, the viewers, in mind. Hopefully these changes make a better viewing experience for all of you budding goats out there.

Here is a list of a few changes that have happened so far and a few that are to come:

  • Non sub sounds – Even if your not a sub you can now interact with the stream on an suitable level. Not as much as the goat subs but still. You can!
  • Tier 3 sub take overs – Over the past month I have been through a few iterations of a sub takeover video and have settled one a final one which will make an appearance in the near future.
  • Intro video is incoming! – That’s right. What’s better than knowing your favourite streamer is going live? Knowing they are going live and watching a bad ass intro video to get you pumped! Well that’s just what is happening. This is currently in the works and will be with us shortly.
  • New Mic Hype – With the continued generosity of the goat community, I am pleased to say that we now have a brand new spanking microphone. This is a Rode Procaster and it really shows on stream. You can hear my voice now in all its… Glory? Note: You can no longer hear the baby next door sneeze….
  • New Stream Scenes – New scenes are being made all the time to increase viewer interaction. This is ranging from a studio scene to generally chat and interact with viewers to interactive call centers… Say “Hi” to Shanice.

More and more changes are coming in the coming months but in the mean time… If you, yes I’m point at you, not the village idiot behind you, have any suggestions at all then please do tell me! This can be done via my contact form, during stream or on my discord server.

Until next time, may the goat god’s shine upon you all!