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Category: Twitch

Monty Moo for all

With the recent changes announced by Twitch, I have made the decision to overall the emotes used within my channel. New emotes will be coming within the next few weeks to stay tuned. Some of which will make perfect sense. (For those who watch regularly you will understand). One big change that is happening right […]

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Stream Changes

Greetings from the goat god’s! So as some of the regular viewers may be aware. There have been alot of changes recently to the stream. These changes have been made with you, the viewers, in mind. Hopefully these changes make a better viewing experience for all of you budding goats out there. Here is a […]

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Stream Overhaul

So fun monkeys, over the past few weeks you may have noticed some differences with the stream. These I hope are positive improvements which make the overall viewing experience for you, much better. So what are these improvements; New green screen Box lights for improved “facial feature highlighting” Change of overlay usage and alerts Sub […]

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