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I have included a list of all the Steam games that I currently own, so that if you ever want to play a game with me or suggest a game midstream then you can refer to this list.

Note that you can click on a game for more information!

Please be aware that I mainly play Garry’s Mod at the moment but you can suggest any of the games when I ask chat for a suggestion.

236 games total.

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IconNameTime played
IconNameTime played
Garry's Mod196 hours
Darwin Project165 hours
Z1 Battle Royale119 hours
Warface114 hours
Ring of Elysium112 hours
Elite Dangerous92 hours
Counter-Strike: Source76 hours
DayZ71 hours
Left 4 Dead 260 hours
Dead by Daylight37 hours
DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die Edition36 hours
RIFT33 hours
Team Fortress 231 hours
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege28 hours
Rocket League24 hours
Last Man Standing21 hours
SCUM21 hours
BioShock Infinite17 hours
ARK: Survival Evolved16 hours
Cities: Skylines16 hours
SOS15 hours
No Man's Sky14 hours
Paladins14 hours
Golf With Your Friends11 hours
Euro Truck Simulator 211 hours
Source SDK10 hours
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive10 hours
PAYDAY 29 hours
The Jackbox Party Pack 48 hours
Riff Racer7 hours
Borderlands GOTY Enhanced7 hours
Miscreated7 hours
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes6 hours
Radical Heights5 hours
H1Z1: Test Server5 hours
RiME5 hours
Path of Exile5 hours
Life is Strange™4 hours
Conan Exiles4 hours
Dead Cells4 hours
Quiplash4 hours
Deceit4 hours
Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy4 hours
7 Days to Die4 hours
Two Point Hospital4 hours
Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage3 hours
Pandemic Express - Zombie Escape3 hours
Borderlands GOTY3 hours
Mortal Kombat X3 hours
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