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Goat Notes – Update 1

This update has focused on bot changes. We are now running V3 of the CapraClone which comes with a lot of delightful fixes and features.

Sub Sounds

  • Shrek has now been removed – The sound is too long and can cause undue irritation to the goat gods.

Song Requests

  • The song request system (!sr command) had been improved. Note: it still won’t post most official songs, so please request unofficial versions such as lyric videos.
  • The song request system is now only available to any viewer classified as a regular (identified by 5 or more hours view time)


  • The clone has become self-aware! Discord commands can now be used in the server and the bot will respond. Usable commands are:
    fanatical, merch, monty, nonsubsounds, steam, subsounds, switchcode, triplegoat, wishlist


  • Anonymous subscriber gifting no longer confuses the clone.
  • The bot now keeps count of sub months correctly (not 0 months in a row)


  • Various bot text changes to bring in line with the branding and general feel of the channel.
  • General text changes.
  • Bit Badge Goodness Incoming!

That’s all for now but as usual. Any suggestions you have are greatly appreciated, so please do let me know either during stream or on the discord server.