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Goat Notes – Update 2

This update comes with some sad news, which could be taken as a positive? You decide, it is focused on cleaning up things and also ensuring the brand is on point.

Brand Awareness

The cheer badges have been updated from 1 bit to 300K bits. You can now earn a unique bit badge for each milestone. See below for full list:

Stream Changes

Sponsored content from developers are now become more frequent and with this said we may now dedicate a stream a month (maybe more) to sponsored content.

New sub sounds/sub GIFs are coming. There are quite a few in the pipeline which will be available to all subscribers but will be on longer cooldowns to prevent spamming.

With the increase in clips being taken during stream I have decided that it might be a good idea to review this during stream and or make a video which can be viewed on Twitch to check out the best clips from the past month. This is still an idea but just want to gauge the reaction.

Discord Updates

More channels have been added to discord to allow the community to interact with each other easily in a more controlled and organised manner.

New Game Servers

To bring more interaction within the community, we have now got two new game servers for all to play! These are provided to everyone at no cost! Check them out here.