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15 Streamer Tips

Over the years as a streamer I have learnt alot of lessons. Most the hard way, but these lessons have made me so much better at what so do. For this reason I am going to share some tips with you that you can easily utiliset to improve your stream game.

  1. Make sure you build a brand around you, your viewers, your memes and your culture. It will pay to have a brand built up that people can identify easily. New viewers get pulled in easier.
  2. Try and make your stream “shiny” by which I mean things like, jump scares, alerts, interactive commands. Allow viewers to interact with you on a level of more than just typing. Chatting can only go so far. Push that viewer interaction higher!
  3. Try to create a community outside of Twitch first if you can, then you can bring them into Twitch. The other way round is alot harder.
  4. Remember that being a smaller streamer is a huge advantage. The interaction you can offer is first class compared to bigger streamers swamped with 100s of chat lines a minute.
  5. If possible play beta games. This bumps your discoverability up alot. You can also be seen as somewhere to go for new content first.
  6. Use the Twitch Tags! Yes they are not the best help out there but they do help. Use tags relevant to you and your stream.
  7. Always show your social media handles on stream! People are lazy. Help them out and put it in their face.
  8. Stream titles can help massively, make sure your title instantly tells people what’s happening or you can use a different tactic of being crazy (putting something stupid and invoking a questions works well)
  9. NEVER use giveaways to bring new viewers. They WILL leave once the giveaways stop. Instead use them as a tool to reward the community.
  10. Use the fear of missing out to your advantage. Showcase content that only happens once for example, but remember to advertise this.
  11. Always show the love to the other streamers in your niche games. Believe me they will remember and return it.
  12. The games you play should be the middle ground in terms of viewers. Not too many streamers but not too little. Make sure your stream can be seen in the first 3/4 lines of the directory. This is the best way to gain exposure.
  13. Variety is good, but not always in streaming. Find your niche games and play them into the ground. People who love the same will help you build your community.
  14. Watch other streamers who you aspire to and try to emulate some of their magic. Don’t outright copy, but remake it in your own image. Watching others is a great way to gauge what does and doesn’t work.
  15. Finally, have an intro and outro ritual. Get your viewers used to it. In time it will become a routine for them and for you. For example. Start screens can be used to get chat hyped up. As can end screens for raiding (Bonus: ALWAYS raid like-minded streamers when you end).

That’s all for now, but if you have any personalised questions you wish to ask or just want more tips you can catch me on stream or on Twitter.