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Twitch Commands

Listed below is the current command list for the Twitch Channel.

Note this list is updated every 24 hours.

Last updated: February 28 2020 00:00:05 UTC.

Command Description
!angelHold on ladies,gents, & goats, giggling will commence soon!
!bafThe lurkster is here
!baf2That’s not a lurk SabaPing
!banned(1) has been banned from the CapraGenus channel!
!bootyPlay the damn booty song boi!
!brbCapra needs his fix
!clone/me is always watching
!discordCome join the discord server and immerse yourself in the community, if thats what you like... https://www.capragenus.net/r/discord
!drinkDrinkPurple Subs = Shot/Gulp DrinkPurple Donations (£1+) = Shot/Gulp DrinkPurple Bits (150+) = Shot/Gulp To save Capra from himself, this can only trigger once per alert, please don't kill him.
!fanaticalI have partnered with Fanatical to bring you officially-licensed PC game bundles and deals! Check them out @ https://www.capragenus.net/r/fanatical
!friesaka LadyFries aka #1 MOD
!game(pointtouser) (gameinfo)
!highfive(alert highfive.gif,5)
!linkIt’s the Leeroy-Man! Hide while you can...
!lurkLurk Mode Activate for (pointtouser)! BOOP!
!merchWant to join the Goat Pen? Then why not grab the Merch @ https://www.capragenus.net/r/merch
!montyFollow Monty Moo on Instagram @ Monty.Manor
!nerdordieI have teamed up with Nerd or Die to offer you amazing value stream packages, including overlays and alerts! Check out https://www.capragenus.net/r/nerdordie
!nonsubsoundsNot a sub? No problem, you can use these sounds on stream (Regulars only (5+ hours)): fart, fatality
!nzxtI have teamed up with NZXT for all of you amazing US viewers, visit capragenus.net/r/nzxt for the US's leading manufacturer of computer cases, cooling, motherboards, RGB lighting and fan control.
!ocukI have now officially partnered with Overclockers UK. Overclockers UK is the number one online gaming computer hardware and system retailer, providing the highest quality parts, full gaming systems and service to gamers for a better experience at competitive prices. https://www.capragenus.net/r/ocuk
!pcbuildAll donations and income from Twitch will help go towards this build https://www.capragenus.net/r/pcbuild
!playtime(pointtouser) (channelname) has been playing (game) for (playtime)
!probation“Sorry we meant to type promotion”
!redeemgamePurpleStar (pointtouser) wants to redeem a game! Go Go Go! Release the Wheel! PurpleStar
!shopping(alert shopping.gif,8)
!slycatThe sly one has arrived... but you cannot see them CoolCat
!soShout out to (1), they are an amazing person and you should really follow them @ https://www.twitch.tv/(1)
!socialStalk me on social media... If you like? Instagram: CapraGenus - Twitter: Capra_Genus - Facebook: CapraGenus Gaming
!squiddLet Me Ink You Up & Down
!steamAdd me on steam: capra_genus
!sub4freeDo you have Amazon/Twitch Prime? Then you get a free Twitch sub every month! Check the Sub button to see if yours is ready!
!subcountWe currently have (subscribers) goat god worshipers!
!subgifsAs a sub you can now use gifs on stream, you lucky goat you! The following gifs can be used: highfive, shopping
!subsoundsSounds sounds can be used by subs only and play during stream, list of current sounds: awkward, cares, clap, whaa, drumroll, mlghorn, bazinga, chewy, dramatic, leeroy, inception, alert, lazyone, goatscream, howyou, doh, wow, whispers, ohyea, silentalarm, confusion, bennyhill, boom
!switchcodeMy Switch Friend code is: SW-0776-3877-9575 Add me to Play!
!teamkillWatch out @Falling_Link is about!
!title(pointtouser) (titleinfo)
!triplegoat3 goats are always better than one... https://clips.twitch.tv/ZanyTenaciousBeefWow
!uptime(pointtouser) (channelname) has been online for (uptime)
!wishlsitIf you are so inclined as to give a physical gift, then please do check @ http://www.capragenus.net/r/wishlist