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Listed below is the current quotes list for the Twitch Channel.

Note this list is updated every 24 hours.

Last updated: January 01 1970 00:00:00 UTC.

ID Quote
#0: Never seen a man on tinder - Falling_Link -CapraGenus
During: Golf With Your Friends at 03:07 PM 2018-08-26 PDT
#1: CapraGenus: Link did you select a climbing pack? Falling_Link: No I didn't find one yet... -CapraGenus
During: Ring Of Elysium at 02:11 PM 2018-11-22 PDT
#2: Original Source feels great on your balls - Justifiedjack -CapraGenus
During: Ring Of Elysium at 02:39 PM 2018-12-02 PDT
#3: ''Vehicles!!! HELP ME'' LUL -CapraClone
During: Ring Of Elysium at 01:48 PM 2019-01-10 PDT