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Twitch Subscribers

As a Twitch subscriber, you help support me in my stream dream of becoming a full-time streamer, because of this you are given perks for use on and off the stream. Below is a list of the current perks and what they can be used for:

  • Subscriber Emotes
    • As with any subscription to any channel you gain access to sub emotes depending on the tier level, as shown below;
  • Tier Text Command Emote
    Tier 1 capragHype
    Tier 2 capragRekt
    Tier 3 capragMonty
  • Tier 3 Giveaways
  • Subscriber Sounds
    • Interact with the stream and play sounds, these include jumpscares, voice lines, memes and more. Click above to check the full list
  • Increased win chance during giveaways (Non-T3Sub Giveaways)
    • All subscribers get x2 entries when entering giveaways.
  • Priority when streaming viwers games
    • Now and then I will play games with viewers, subscribers will get priority.