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Sub Sounds

If you decide to become a Twitch Subscriber then you gain access to Subscriber Sounds, these sounds allow you to type commands into chat during a live stream and interact with the stream, sounds will play which can have various effects. These sounds can be funny, scary or plain stupid but will be down to you, the subscriber.

Below is a list of all current subscriber sounds and their respective commands:

Sound Command
Awkward !awkward
Nobody Cares !cares
Whaa Whaa !whaa
Drumroll !drumroll
MLG Airhorn !mlghorn
Bazinga (Sheldon – Big Bang) !bazinga
Chewbacca !chewy
Dramatic Chipmunk !dramatic
The one and only Leeroy Jenkins !leeroy
Fatality (Mortal Kombat) !fatality
Inception Horn !inception
Alert (Solid Snake) !alert
We are Number One (Lay Town) !lazyone
Screaming Goat !goatscream
How you doing? (Friends) !howyou
Doh (Home – The Simpsons) !doh
Wow… (Owen Wilson) !wow
Careless Whispers (Song) !whispers
Oh Yea – Yello (Song) !ohyea
WTF Boom! !boom